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Lesson 9   The Bible Story for this lesson is the entire chapter of Isaiah 53. I made a list of some scripture references / prophecy fulfilled. Click the PDF button to the right if you would like to include this in your discussion. 

Lesson 11  Please correct this typo for The Bible Story, "The Baptism of Jesus": Matthew 3:1-17 (the book has verses 1-7). The Training Topic is Generosity. In Kathy's Corner, I mentioned Casa MAMi MX.  This is a link for a video that describes this ministry:

Lesson 13 Jerry Wiles, expert orality movement Bible Story teller, presents the story of Nicodemus and gives suggestions for meaningful questions that might follow.

Lesson 15 Portions of the Sharing time and Bible story plus discussion are shown in these clips from a Salt & Light meeting. You will observe the time keeper doing her job to keep the meeting on schedule. 

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