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Lesson 1 (above) After learning the Bible story of creation, this artist painted a watercolor of "the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters". It began to rain so she put her work outside to let God's hand finished the painting. She likes to sign her works "Farmer".

Lesson 4 (right) With her Gospel Presentation, Jennifer wanted to help people understand the concept of separation from God and the difference that salvation, a restored relationship with God, makes in a life.  If you want to spend some time learning more, please visit: click on "Join this group".

Lesson 2  The Bible Story is The Fall from Genesis 2. Chris preached on these verses and here is a link for that sermon. 

Lesson 7 (below) Chris leads a lively discussion of the Ten Commandments in this video. Jesus taught by telling stories and asking questions. The same method seems to work well today. On the right, is a video of another group studying Lesson 7. Only  the Worship and Sharing times are presented.

We learned to tell the Ten Commandments with hand motions (clever and helpful!) by watching this youtube video:

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