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Dance and Disciple Making

Not everyone likes to dance. I love to, so I have to remind myself that this is true. Some people think that they cannot dance. If the movements are very simple even people with physical challenges can make movements that follow the music. Even so, some people do not like to dance.

In 2011, I founded a ministry to a group of elementary girls at church, "His Handmaids". We danced to Hillsong, Sara Groves, Fernando Ortega, Amy Grant and others. Any music with a message that opened hearts, with a recording easy to understand (or live music), and age appropriate, was a possibility. Each time we met we shared and prayed together, seated in a circle on the floor. Girls who were too shy to sing in choir would dance, heads facing up to heaven, arms raised. Parents, Sunday School teachers, and others commented that these girls developed spiritual maturity; a concept of the sacred; an awareness of God's faithfulness, prayer and friendships.

In Honduras we danced with women who just followed our ministry team as we danced to the Spanish lyrics of worship songs. Something was freeing about this, as well as helpful in connecting us to each other and the words. We danced together like the body of Christ, smiling and becoming filled with joy. The rest of our meeting seemed to be blessed with more sharing, more warmth and the presence of the Holy Spirit. Dance can be liberating.

Some adult women in my church asked me to offer a 'Senior His Handmaids". We did. We did not 'perform' but we had a good time. I likened it ZUMBA GOLD, about God. A friend asked me to lead her churches women's conference. God led me to plan my talks around several Sara Groves' songs. I asked my friend if I could invite the ladies to dance - worship dance - to some of the songs. She answered truthfully: "I have no idea but why not try?". It was funny. The first two times I invited the ladies to dance, only a few joined. By the end of the day, all but two were dancing; laughing and happy. Another church asked me to do the same.

Conclusion: whatever your gift or interest. If it enhances your love for Jesus, be brave and invite others to join you. Someone.. maybe even several people, will be blessed and very glad that you did not keep your worship joy to yourself.

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